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The Little Wildcat

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I recorded this story from the mouth of Jupp. He revised for Grandma a story he knew.

Once upon a time, there was a little wildcat. It lived in a forest with its mother. Once the wildcat was thirsty and thirstysaid to its mother: “I’m going to drink a bit from the brook.” On its way back the kitten got lost and after a lot of wandering around it came to a bridge. Under the bridge there was a river and because the kitten was thirsty (again), it went down. There was another hiker - an old man who was alone too. He took the kitten on his lap and while it was caressed, the kitten suddenly knew: That was what it had missed for so long time. Out of pure joy, it began to float higher and higher: it could fly. It could see where the forest was, where it lived with its mother and fly back there.

September 10th, 1992, 80th birthday of Gerda Schunck-Cremers

Album : Gerda Cremers 80

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