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Klant’s – De Leeuw – Schunck

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Schunck was always known for its striking shop windows. One of the many grandchildren of Peter and Christine Schunck-Cloot, Leo W.M. Schunck from Maastricht writes:
“I can still tell stories about the introduction of the ‘Lions Quality’ brand whereby the company A.Schunck entered into a partnership with the then Klant’s Zoo in Valkenburg, a training institute for animal trainers and also zoo, the place where ‘Thermae 2000’ is located now.
The shop windows were populated with, among other things, lions (front) and monkeys and parrots in the shop windows that were connected to the store.
At the same time there was a collaboration with the ‘De Leeuw’s Bier’ in Valkenburg. In the case a tap was, among other things, set up in the men’s clothing department. Anyone who bought above a certain amount could get a free beer.
On a Sunday morning my father (Pierre Schunck) was called by Grandpa Schunck (Peter) with the request to come to the shop with the children, because the monkeys and parrots had escaped and had caused a havoc in the store. We as grandchildren then had to hunt the animals as beaters, so that the employees of the Klant’s zoo could catch them. Obviously a highlight in my youth.
On Christmas it was always my grandmother’s birthday. (Grandma Christine Schunck-Cloot). The window dressers of the firm A.Schunck always made for a beautiful large nativity scene, with water and everything that came with it. This nativity scene was set up in the hall of the penthouse (which was called “roof garden”) directly opposite the grandparents’ private lift. It was always an impressive whole.
And don’t forget the legendary Sinterklaas afternoons, the beautiful Christmas windows etc. etc.”

Album : Fa A. Schunck & Glass Palace

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