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1939 Wilhelm Eck 40 Years Priest

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Hover your mouse in order to see the names behind the faces, as far as we know them. This picture is full size (high definition), in order to enable you to recognise the individual faces as well as possible. So please use the scroll bar under the picture. It was taken on march 18, 1939 when Rector W. Eck celebrated his 40 years priest jubilee. He sits between his sisters Eck, who naturally called him Willy. For the younger generations he was „heeroom“, Uncle Reverend. Taken in the tea garden next to Hotel Cremers in Valkenburg.
When recently the interest for this picture was growing again and we wondered who is who, only one person of the second generation was still alive. That‘s why not every face (of 51) could get a name.
So confusion is possible. Then there is a question mark behind the name.
There is also a number behind it, both on the picture and in the text. If you should find an error or if you want to add something, then that number could be helpful. Please use the contact page.
1st row sitting on the earth (from left to right): Marianne Eck [6], Jetty Cremers [7], drie kinderen uit de 3e generatie in matrozenpakjes (namen onbekend [8] [17] [9]), Annemarie Eck (leeft nog) [10], Helm Eck [11], Kit Eck [12], Josée Heijltjes [13].
2nd row sitting (f.l.t.r.): Siny (Cremers)-Verschuur [2], Ellen Kreijen-Eck [5], Wielke Cremers [14], Catharina Cremers-Eck [15], Treza Lückers-Eck [16], Rector W.Eck [18], Gerda Schrijen-Eck [19], Clara Eck [20], Johanna Heijltjes-Eck [21].
3th row standing (f.l.t.r.): Joop Cremers [1], Gerda Schunck-Cremers [4], twee onbekende dames [22] [23], Jean Cremers [24], Anneliese Kreijen-Lauenroth [25], Lenchen Weber-Kreijen? [26], Cordy Eck-Grüterich [27], Jacob Weber? [28], Jozef Eck [29], Maria Schrijen-Mertens? [30], N.J. Schrijen [31], Treesje Boldt-Schrijen? [32], Hubert Kreijen [33], Wiel Heijltjes [34], M. Lückers-Hissel? [35], Gerard Lückers? [36], Claire Dols-Lückers? [37], P.A. Dols? [38]
4th row standing higher (f.l.t.r.): Pierre Schunck [3], Elly Coonen-Lückers? [39], P.J. Coonen? [40], Constance Dohmen? [41], Gerhard Kreijen [42], Fientje Römgens-Schrijen [43], Jozef Sauren? [44], Gerard Schrijen? [45], Leny Sauren-Schrijen? [46], Paul Eck [47], Wim Heijltjes [48], Bert Eck [49], Berb Lückers? [50], No Heijltjes [51].
Hoogstwaarschijnlijk afwezig waren: priesterstudent Jozef Kreijen (hij zou toen al in pij moeten zijn), Jozef Römgens (vanwege de winkel volgens zijn zoon), Heinz Boldt (echtgenoot van Treesje Boldt-Schrijen); wellicht was hij dienstplichtig in Duitsland.

1939 Heerom Eck 40 jaar priester