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This family tree contains 897 persons, of which 412 dead and 485 alive
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You’ll find 558 pictures.

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The ten group pictures with clickable faces that were last published on this site:

Rector Eck 25 jaar priester


1953 - Familie Schunck-Cremers

Familie Cremers Pasen 1949

Fam. Schunck-Cremers

Fam. Schunck-Herné, 1895

Kinder von Nikolaus Severin Joseph Schunck

1933 – Zilveren bruiloft Cremers-Eck

P. Schunck × C. Cloot

Fam. Peter J. Schunck, 1934

The five pictures that were last published on this site:

Deel van Zuid-Limburg

Ziekenhuiservaringen van een kankerpatiënte

1948 Pionierswerk op Bonaire

ca. 1936 Gerda Cremers & Pierre Schunck

† Maria Josephina Joanna CLOOT

The five oldest family members who were published on this site:

Constance Dohmen
∗ 0000
Heyn Prick(a)erts
∗ 1513
Henderick Cloot
∗ 1540
Gerard Prickaerts/Prickerts, in die Vindt
∗ 1542
Hinricus Cloedt
∗ 1570

The ten family members who were last published on this site:

Pieter Joseph Römgens
Josef Sauren
Constance Dohmen
Maria Theresia Schrijen
Fientje Schrijen
Leni Schrijen
Gerard Schrijen
Nicolaas Joseph Schrijen
José/Marie-José Heyltjes (Heijltjes)
No/Arno Heyltjes (Heijltjes)