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Jetty v. Zutphen-Cremers

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The pivot, the driving force behind everything was Mum.
She rose up first and went to bed last. She could cook like the best. No cook ever surpassed her. But above all she was a good mother. Do you know that I still call “Mum!” when something bad happens to me?
Dear Gerda, many guys found that you were lovely. There were a lot of candidates - ten for each finger - who wanted to hijack you. Pascal Randou almost succeeded.
Pierre Schunck has succeeded completely. He ran away with you. Yes, so we experienced it when you left. I found it really bad. However, you remained still living in Valkenburg. And you still had time for us.
Pierre Schunck is still your daily companion. For 56 years. Pierre and you, you had a fertile life. Not only in terms of quality and number of children. Your life has also borne fruit for other people.
You also have stood by me in word and deed.
Gerda, you meant a lot to me!
May I thank you for everything?
Your sister
Sept 10th, 1992, 80th birthday of Gerda Schunck-Cremers
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Album : Gerda Cremers 80

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