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The taboo of Valkenburg?

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After the commemoration of Valkenburg 75 years free, this comment was published in the regional newspaper De Limburger on 09/20/2019, in which the author claims, under the guise of giving a differentiated image, that the anniversary of the liberation was celebrated in an indiscriminate black-and-white form. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the important objectives during the celebrations in Valkenburg was precisely that differentiated image. Merely by the choice of people who lit a candle there, but also the content of the memorial book. They recalled the children of nazi parents, traumatized after the war, the discrimination on the part of the liberators (of the African-Americans), the German soldiers fallen during the liberation days - the largest group of war victims in our city, the forgotten holocaust of the still discriminated Sinti and other Roma (“gypsies”). And of course the almost forgotten resistance. This way the column puts the organization of the celebrations in the wrong corner of hurray patriotism and black-and-white view.
Attention is paid to a “historian” who has been trying for years to put the blame of the lynch murder of a nazi collaborator on the resistance in Valkenburg. In addition, he confused the resistance with a small group set up on the day of the liberation, which called itself Order Service and even almost lynched a member of the resistance. This historian has been informed that his claims are based on false suspicions, but he maintains that Pierre Schunck, for example, is the one who has ordered the so-called „moffenhoeren“, jerry whores, to be shaved bald.
Pierre Schunck

Album : Resistance

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