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Jo Vossen, † 6 feb. 2022

Original size 1751 × 1272 px

Memorial card, back. Handed out at the funeral service on February 14, 2022 in the parish church of Mook.

In grateful memory of Jo Vossen
Born in Maastricht on October 18, 1935
Deceased in Nijmegen on February 6, 2022

“See you tomorrow”

These were the last words Jo said to us before speaking became impossible to him.

Jo who always loved to speak, much and well, has given us a last message in this way.

This is not a definitive farewell, this is a “see you”, wherever and by whatever means.

We are grateful for all the care and love he has given us.

Goodbye dear Jo

Album : Mortuary Cards

Jo Vossen
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