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Fam. Schunck-Küppers

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About 1890
Foreground: Anna jr.
sitting, left to right: Christine, Louise, Anna sr., Arnold, Peter Joseph.
standing: Elisabeth Maria (later sister Arnoldine) and Maria Josephina Hubertina (later sister Emma).
On the right picture we see Anna and Arnold Schunck-Küppers with their daughter Elisabeth Maria, who joined on dec. 4th, 1899 as sister Arnoldine the Zusters van Liefde van O.L.V. Moeder van Barmhartigheid, Sisters of Love of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy. They had and have their dutch main convent in Tilburg. She did not reach the age of 40. | Anna jr. | Christine Schunck | Louise Schunck | Anna Küppers | Arnold Schunck | Peter Schunck | Maria Josephina Hubertina (Emma) | Elisabeth Maria

Album : Schunck-Küppers

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