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My mother was called Gerda Cremers. That’s why I reserved a „corner“ of this genealogical site for her family too.
This place is existing, as the entire site, for the grace of the contributions made by family members.

I wrote the article about my grandmother, Catharina Cremers-Eck. The authors of the other articles are indicated on the pages themselves.
One author is my godmother and aunt, Jetty Cremers. She wrote a moving letter from Nijmegen to her parents about the bombing of the city by the allies in 1944.

Photo album of the Cremers family

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Catharina & Jean Cremers-Eck 1933

Hotel Cremers
Hotel Cremers

Photo album of the Schunck-Cremers family

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Gerda & Pierre Schunck-Cremers

Photo album of the Cremers-Verschuur family

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Siny & Joop Cremers-Verschuur

Photo album of the Van Zutphen-Cremers family

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Jetty & Jan van Zutphen-Cremers