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Schrijen, Nicolaas Joseph × Eck, Gerda

Schrijen, Fientje (Maria Wilhelmina Josephina)

    08-07-1906 in Kerkrade  07-12-1996 in Kerkrade
× Römgens Pieter Joseph
 in Kerkrade

⛪ 28-04-1932
5 children.
Christine Schunck (see link) wrote:
Together with the retailer Römgens from Kerkrade, she ran two shops (cigars and porcelain). The last child, Theresia (called Treesje) was born in 1909. She married the German Heinz Boldt and settled with him in Germany. She also had five children. About the Schrijen-Eck family, I received information from Thijs Römgens (the oldest son of the couple Schrijen-Römgens), and from Wim and Ans Heijltjes-Römgens.

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