Guido “Kamiel” Droitcourt (Camille Michel Joseph Guido)
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Camille Michel Joseph Guido Droitcourt is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
central wall, row 04 #02

Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance people in Limburg


Guido “Kamiel” Droitcourt
(Camille Michel Joseph Guido)

 27-09-1915 Berlin-Pankow      11-02-1943 Hauptlager Neuengamme (27)
- Underground Press - Groep Dresen - Geulle - …

    Guido Droitcourt had a German mother and a French father and was born in Berlin. At the age of 20 he came to Geulle with his mother, her husband and his half-brother. In July 1941 the first Allied plane was shot down at Geulle. One crew member came to Guido Droitcourt, but then fell into German hands. Guido joined the resistance group around Pierre Dresen. A year after the German invasion, he helped produce a first leaflet. On November 1, 1941, the first copy of the Oranje Koerier ran off the spirit duplicator [1] with an edition of 175. [2]
    Arrested on Dec. 1, 1941.
    On the Gedenkstätte Neuengamme site, The Dead 1940-1945, he is named: Kamill Michel Josef Guido. [3]
    This is probably how he was registered by the Berlin official at birth. Above we stick to the spelling that his French father must have intended.
    On December 1, Guido Droicourt and 18 other people were arrested.
    The trial against them was held on April 17, 1942. Guido Droitcourt arrived in Neuengamme on October 30, 1942 after a stay in the Amersfoort camp. He died - at the age of 27 and with the camp number 11924 - on February 19, 1943. His death certificate states that he died at 6:30 in the morning. Cause of death: "Failure of heart and circulation due to stomach and intestinal catarrh". We have not (yet) been able to find out where Guido Droitcourt is buried.
    There is a Stolperstein (stumbling stone) for him at Heirweg 2, Geulle. [4]
    Why is he unknown at Oorlogsgravenstichting (OGS)? [6]
    Camille Michel Joseph Guido ( Guido “Kamiel” ) Droitcourt is listed in the Erelijst 1940-1945 (Honor Roll of the Dutch Parliament). [5]


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