Jan Louis Rietjens <i>(Jan )</i>
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Jan Louis Rietjens is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
right wall, row 08 #04

Limburg 1940-1945,
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Jan Louis Rietjens (Jan )

 16-02-1922 Roermond      22-03-1945 AEL Hunswinkel, Kr. Altena (23)
- People in hiding - Forced Labor - Roermond -

    Jan Rietjens lived in Roermond from his birth until September 10, 1940. After that he lived in Heerlen until January 21, 1944. Subsequently in Roermond again. Heerlen was already liberated at that time, Roermond not yet. We do not know why he returned anyway. Major Matthaeas’ infamous paratrooper battalion ruled there during the last winter of the war. [1]
    Three persons with the surname Rietjens are registered at the oorlogsgravenstichting (War Graves Commission), all three from Roermond, and all three died in the AEL Hunswinkel. [2]
    In their memory, the family issued an In Memoriam card which reads, among other things, In memory of Louis Rietjens, age 59, Hubert Rietjens, age 53, and his son Jan, age 23, who died on April 3, March 20, and March 22, 1945, as a result of privations during their imprisonment in the Hunswinkel (Lüdenscheid) concentration camp. [3]
    See also the memorial plaque at the edge of today’s reservoir. [4]


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