Piet van Rhee
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Piet van Rhee is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
right wall, row 35 #01

Limburg 1940-1945,
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Piet van Rhee

 06-01-1922 Venray      20-01-1945 Neuengamme (23)
- People in hiding - Venray -


    Peter Hubertus van Rhee still continued working in his parents’ bakery in Castenray when he was in hiding. Nevertheless he once wanted to go out with friends but was arrested at the station in Venlo because of Arbeitsverweigerung. (Refusal to work) by the notorious Berendsen Commando of the Labor Control Service. See for more info about it in the introduction of Venray

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