Joseph Marie Hubertus Wauthlé <i>(Jozef)</i>
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Joseph Marie Hubertus Wauthlé is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
right wall, row 39 #03

Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance people in Limburg


Joseph Marie Hubertus Wauthlé (Jozef)

 15-07-1923 Mechelen (L)      27-11-1944 Brandenburg (21)
- Engelandvaarders - Forced Labor - Unorganized resistance - Wittem -

    Jozef Wauthlé was a lathe operator. He is friends with Sjeu Wetzels from Schweiberg. They decide to go to England together in order to liberate the fatherland from there. They make it to the Swiss border. There they are arrested as a result of treachery. [1]
    In return, he was given three months and then had to work as a forced laborer in the cable factory in Eupen, which had been annexed by Germany at the time. Sjeu was able to work in the forests around Epen through an intermediary. [1]
    During this forced labor he said his opinion too openly, as a result of which he was sentenced to death. He was accused in particular of having said to the face of a Dutch National Socialist who was a holder of the Ritterkreuz (Knight’s Cross) that he never could show his face in his homeland again, because otherwise they would cut his throat. [2]
    Transferred to KWG prison (Kriegswehrmachtsgefängnis) in St-Gilles, Brussels, on June 16, 1943. According to the same source, he was a miner. [3#8]
    There he stayed until July 1, 1943. [3#9]
    On September 22, he was taken back to Eupen in the Polizeigeigefängnis (police prison). [3#10]
    Along with 33 other unfortunates, Jozef Wauthlé was executed by guillotine in the Brandenburg prison on November 27. Condemned to death for Wehrkraftzersetzung (undermining the defense force), he was brought here on November 2 and housed in cell 8 of House I in the so-called Kammkasten. Landesarchiv Brandenburg, Forschungsinstitut Zuchthaus Brandenburg (State Archive of Brandenburg, Brandenburg Prison Research Institute). [3#6]
    The death certificate from Brandenburg gives execution as the cause of death. [4]
    On September 15, 1945, the urn 8216 with his ashes and seven other urns were transferred from Brandenburg upon Havel to Amsterdam [3#4]
    Wauthlé’s name is on the resistance monument at the Eyserlinde in Wittem. [5]

    Alphons, Joseph & François Wauthlé


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