Martin Hubertus Driessen (Martin)
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Martin Hubertus Driessen

Limburg 1940-1945,
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Martin Hubertus Driessen (Martin)

 01-10-1922 Blerick      22-01-1945 KZ Neuengamme, Bergedorf (22)
- Forced Labor - People in hiding - Venlo - …

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    According to his death certificate [1], Martin Driessen was a machine fitter. But according to the records from Amersfoort (Police Transit Camp Amersfoort) he was a tailor. [2]
    Until 1940, Blerick belonged to the municipality of Maasbree, which is why that is mentioned as his birthplace in the German documents. [2][3#1]
    Martin was arrested for Arbeitsverweigerung (refusal to work) and was taken to Amersfoort concentration camp on May 9, 1944. [3#1]
    This was the month that Nazi policeman Johan Berendsen [8] was promoted in Venlo and appointed head of the Labor Control Service (AKD), which under his direction fanatically hunted down those in hiding.
    He was imprisoned in Amersfoort until September 8, 1944, after which he was transported to Neuengamme [5]. [3#2]
    According to his death certificate, he died of chronic nephritis or kidney inflammation. [1]


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