(Ed)Mond Houtappel
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


(Ed)Mond Houtappel

 1901-10-18 Maastricht      1944-11-24 Neuengamme (43)
- Maastricht - initial resistance - L.O. -

Het Grote Gebod – L.O.

      Edmond Marie Hubert Ghislain Henri Houtappel was a wine merchant and ran a wholesale grocery store at Wolfstraat 8 (Fa. Wed. R. W. Hustinx, Koffiebranderij, groothandel in koloniale waren). Captain of the Reserve in the Dutch Army, he was in charge of the Wahlwiller Border Guard Company of the 13th Regiment of Infantry (on the border with Germany) during the mobilization of 1938-1940. In his military function, he photographed there, also on behalf of the Belgian intelligence, German positions in the Westwall (called Siegfried Line by the Allies). Via his brother-in-law Louis Evrard Hustinx, Belgian consul in Maastricht, this information was passed on to Brussels. His neighbor in Wolfstraat was the butcher Joseph W. Ummels. They had broken a passage between the two houses in the cellar, as a possible escape route. This was of no use. Arrested on May 10, 1944 as a result of betrayal by Gonnie Zeguers-Boere.
      See his story at Mestreech online and at Cammaert VIb, from page 649.

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    wall: left, row 32 #02