Joseph W. Ummels <i>(Giel)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Joseph W. Ummels (Giel)

 1908-12-06 Geulle      1944-12-08 Sachsenhausen (36)
- Maastricht - L.O. -

Het Grote Gebod – L.O.

    Butcher in the Wolfstraat 6. He was a brother of the one year older Mathieu Ummels. His neighbor was Edmond (Mond) Houtappel. His butcher shop was a good hiding place for British pilots, Jewish families and young men who did not want to work in Germany. The store was always busy, and then it was not noticeable that many local strangers came in and out. Between his house and Mond Houtappel’s there was a breach in the basement that could be used in an emergency. But that did not help. Arrested on May 9, 1944 by betrayal of Gonnie Zeguers-Boere, who had a relationship with SiPo chief Strobel since 1942.

    wall: left, row 34 #04