Albert Reulen <i>(Bèr)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Albert Reulen (Bèr)

 1916-11-12 Roermond      1944-06-10 Overveen (27)
- Roermond - O.D. - L.O. - Knokploeg -


      Butcher, factory worker and involved in the resistance groups Ordedienst (OD), Landelijke Organisatie voor Hulp aan Onderduikers (LO) and the KP (knokploegen, armed groups) of Roermond and later of Alkmaar, behause Reulen and J.P.H. Frencken moved their area of operations to North Holland in January 1944. See Cammaert VII.II.2. De knokploegen van Helden en Roermond, pp. 767-768. Reulen was arrested on 22 May 1944 and executed in the dunes after his imprisonment in the Weteringschans prison in Overveen.
      Report of the Higher SS and Police Chief ‘Nordwest’: “The Police Court has sentenced the following Dutchmen to death: Factory worker Albert Reulen from Roermond and welder Jacobus Frenken from Maasniel. The convicts had participated as members of a terrorist group in the armed robberies of the town hall in Haelen on February 13, 1944, the town hall in Venhuizen on March 18, 1944, and the town hall in Heiloo on May 12, 1944. Food coupons, money, forms for identity cards and other things were stolen in quite large numbers. During the raid on the town hall in Venhuizen, one of the perpetrators shot at the resisting police officer. Thus the convicts are guilty of participation in a clandestine organization, continued sabotage and unauthorized possession of firearms.”
      Kruis van Verdienste (Dutch Cross of Merit).
      WO2 Biografieën Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen
      Gevallenen Roermond – Achtergrond verhalen (background stories).
      Listed on the Oorlogsmonument (war memorial) Roermond.

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