Johan Roosjen
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The names on the walls


Limburg 1940-1945,
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Johan Roosjen

 04-10-1884 Wildervank      17-11-1944 Venlo (60)
- Roermond -

    Johan Roosjen was a main supervisor at the electricity supplier Provinciale Limburgse Electriciteits Maatschappij. He was also a wealthy man who traded in shares and drove around in a Ford. He was married to Harmine Ketelaars. Johannes was eventually betrayed because the PLEM’s internal telephone network was used by the resistance because it was not tapped, and later also for the connection between the liberated and the still occupied part of the Dutch province of Limburg. But Johan Roosjen certainly did not have so much part in it that he would have had to pay for it with his life. He was shot dead.
    Mentioned on the Oorlogsmonument (war memorial) Roermond.

    wall: right, row 10 #01