Jacques Knops
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Jacques Knops

 1918-08-30 Simpelveld      1945-03-17 Bergen-Belsen (26)
- Simpelveld - L.O. -

    Mathias Jacob Knops, civil servant. Head of the LO district of Gulpen, which included Simpelveld. He fell into German hands during the raid of Weert on June 21, 1944. He was succeeded by his deputy, Sjeng Coenen, and after the latter went into hiding and to the Knokploeg Zuidlimburg, by P. van der Linden. Knops was severely tortured by the sadistic Sipo man Richard Nitsch and therefore probably betrayed the names of other resistance fighters, hoping that in the meantime they had made their way to safety.

    wall: right, row 16 #05