Frans Coehorst <i>(Van Aken)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Frans Coehorst (Van Aken)

 1925-09-22 Venlo      1944-11-01 Zwickau (19)
- Venlo - L.O. - courier -

Het Grote Gebod – L.O.

    The 18-year-old Frans Gerard Marie Joseph Coehorst was asked by Hendrikx after his graduation from high school to work for him as a courier in the Limburg district and secretary. Thus he knew many prominent L.O. members. Arrested on February 29, 1944, along with P.N.A. Peters, Harry Holla, the parish priest Omloo and Fons Berger. Immediately thereafter, alarming news reached Hendrikx from Maastricht. Nitsch and his SiPo colleagues were doing everything they could to get Coehorst to talk. For four days he was hung by his wrists. The whole time he was given neither food nor drink. However, Coehorst’s release from Maastricht prison, scheduled for early April 1944, did not take place because Coehorst and a group of other prisoners had been transferred to Amersfoort the previous day. Via Kleve, Leipzig and Hanover, he finally ended up in Flossenbürg (Bavarian: Flossabirch), where he had to work in a car factory. The mistreatment in Maastricht and possibly elsewhere had weakened the 18-year-old so much that he died of total exhaustion in a hospital in Zwickau on November 1, 1944. (Cammaert VIb, pp. 581-582)

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