Frans Nies <i>(Peters)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Frans Nies (Peters)

 1913-04-14 Weert      1944-09-05 Vught (31)
- Weert - L.O. -

Het Grote Gebod – L.O.

    Frans Josef Peter was a carpenter. At the beginning of the occupation he held a leading position in the Jonge Wacht (Young Guard) and was leader of the Katholieke Jonge Middenstanders (Catholic Middle Class Youth) in the Weert region. Vicars P.J. Slots and H.Th.H. Adams set up a functioning organization for aid to those in hiding even before joining the regional LO. In mid-June 1943, Slots himself went into hiding in Baarlo. Since then Adams, Hermans and Nies have taken over the leadership. Miss Hermans took care of the distribution of rationing documents, and Adams and Nies took care of finding host families and housing people (Cammaert VIb, pp. 701-702). After the reorganization of the district in January 1944, Nies dealt with the organization of the sub-districts around Weert. These were Nederweert, Ospel, Kelpen (sub-district leader M. Keupers), Asten and Someren (sub-district leader P. Hoefnagels), Stramproy and Tungelroy (sub-district leader A. Maes), and Ell, Hunsel, Neeritter, Ittervoort (sub-district leader J.L. Koolen).

    wall: right, row 36 #04