Hubertus Petrus Hermanus Houben <i>(Sjeng)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Hubertus Petrus Hermanus Houben (Sjeng)

 1915-07-09 Eys, gem. Wittem      1945-05-19 Ludwigslust (29)
- Wittem - L.O. - priest -

Het Grote Gebod – L.O.

    Hubertus Petrus Hermanus Houben was vicar in Epen and local head of the Catholic Action. [1]
    Because he knew many people, he was an important link in smuggling people across the near dutch-belgian border. These were escaped French-speaking prisoners of war, Jews and Allied airmen. Read the detailed story about him and the other "passeurs" in Epen. In Dutch only. [2]
    He administered charity funds in the L.O. district of Gulpen, along with the vicars Wermeling and Penders and with Jaques Knops and Sjeng Coenen, until Penders took it over alone. He was arrested at the Strike of Wittem on July 21, 1944. Shortly after his liberation, he died in Ludwigslust (Mecklenburg) as a result of his ordeal in the Neuengamme concentration camp. [4]
    Buried in the family grave at the Catholic cemetery in Eys.

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