The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg
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Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg



Eijsden-Verzetsliedenmonument (2)

Eijsden is a Dutch town at the Belgian border. It was important for the escape route along the Meuse. During 1941, a resistance group emerged from the local Sainte Cécile concert band: the fruit grower Alphons Smeets with his entire family, the couple De Liedekerke, customer D. Sleeuwenhoek, and the conductor Arthur Renkin from Liège. (Cammaert 75-94, 135, 239-240). Through Renkin they established cross-border contacts with resistance fighters in the Belgian province of Liège of the Luc /Marc and Clarence organizations such as Jules Goffin from ’s Gravenvoeren (French: Fouron-le-Compte), Christiane Derenne-Lamazière, the Fathers Hugues ( Karel Jacobs ) and Étienne ( Piet Muhren ) from Val-Dieu Abbey and others. They gathered information about train traffic in and around Eijsden and Visé and smuggled persons wanted by the Germans across the border to the south.
They were infiltrated by the German Abwehr, which set up the deadly Hannibal Game for this purpose. At Fort Rijnauwen near Bunnik, on the site where nowadays the memorial wall stands, eleven members of the Dutch-Belgian Erkens resistance group were executed on October 9, 1943. In Belgium the group had the pseudonym Chaperon Rouge). For more information, see Cammaert, chapter 2, p.79 ff.

Liberated: 1944-09-13

Eijsden – 4 pers.   ⇒All the fallen resistance people in Limburg
Liedekerke de Pailhe, de
Raphael R.E.J.G.
∗ 1903-04-15
† 1943-10-09
Fort Rhijnauwen, prov. Utrecht
Eijsden - Belgium - early resistance - Group Erkens - He was one of eleven members of the Dutch resistance group around Nick Erkens executed by the Germans in fort Rhijnauwen near Bunnik, province of Utrecht. He was a reserve lieutenant in the Belgian army but lived in the Netherlands.
wall: left, row 08-02
Jozef J.G.
∗ 1911-01-03
† 1945-02-08
Eijsden - early resistance - Group Erkens - Joseph Jean Gerard Partouns was a laboratory assistant. J. Arpots, J. Partouns, and J. Reintjens were three young men, one of whom worked for the Dutch railways. The three called themselves the Orange Triangle. They wrote down all the details about the rail traffic and passed the data to …

wall: left, row 08-03
∗ 1887-07-14
Mheer (L)
† 1943-10-09
Fort Rhijnauwen, prov. Utrecht
Eijsden - early resistance - Group Erkens - Michiel Hubert Alphonse Smeets was a fruit grower and fruit merchant in Eijsden, neighbor and tenant of Raphael de Liedekerke and brother of the municipal secretary Hubert Smeets.
In the …

wall: left, row 07-05
∗ 1892-08-27
† 1943-10-09
Fort Rhijnauwen, prov. Utrecht
Eijsden - early resistance - Group Erkens - C.H.A Smeets was municipal secretary and brother of Alphons Smeets. Member of the Belgian intelligence group Luc, section Renkin. He called in the help of J. Arpots, Jozef Partouns and J. …

wall: left, row 08-01