1940-1945. The resistance in the dutch province of Limburg
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Limburg 1940-1945,
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1940-1945. The resistance in the dutch province of Limburg


Jews in resistance

Memorial stone Jewish victims from Valkenburg

On the subject of Jews in World War II, we naturally think first of the terrible persecution and mass murder to which they were subjected. But they were not always only victims. The most famous example is the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
Of course, in Limburg the Jewish resistance fighters were doubly threatened as well.

Jews in resistance – 9 pers.   ⇒All the fallen resistance people in Limburg
∗ 1898-10-16
† 1943-01-31
- Maastricht - Jews in resistance -

On maastrichtsegevelstenen.nl [4] Ernst David is mentioned as a resistance fighter. He came from a Jewish family with many children. His father was Dutch, his mother German. They had moved to Krefeld after the First World War and had a wholesale business with fruit and vegetables as well as …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.-
Blijdestein, van
Lou /Loe
∗ 1915-05-19
† 1945-03-15
- Sittard - Jews in resistance -

Laboratory employee at the oil company B.P.M., member of the resistance. [4] What kind of resistance he did, in which organization and how he was caught, we don’t know (yet).
Do you know more? Write us!
Louis van Blijdestein, born in Sittard in 1915, was a son of the …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.04-04
∗ 1920-05-07
† 1943-07-01
- Ondergrondse pers - Jews in resistance - Studenten - Maastricht -

Rudi Bloemgarten was born in Maastricht [1], lived as a child in Schaarbeek ( region of Brussels) from 1924 to 1933 and then in Amsterdam, where he studied medicine during the occupation.
On eerebegraafplaatsbloemendaal.eu [5] we read about him:

born: May 7, 1920 …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.-

David Leo
∗ 1923-12-07
† 1942-08-14
- Jews in resistance - Initial resistance - Groep Dresen - Maastricht - Ondergrondse pers -

Jewish butcher’s son, residing at Lenculenstraat 9 in Maastricht. He belonged to the civilian branch of the Dresen group, which was mainly engaged in the distribution of illegal leaflets and writings, specially the Oranje Koerier. For example, to finance the purchase of …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.04-07
Peter Joseph
∗ 1899-05-16
† 1944-12-26
Elmpt (D)
- People in hiding - Roermond - Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Jews in resistance - -

The miller Peter Fuchs lived from his birth until September 7, 1929 in Kassel (Germany), afterwards always in Roermond. [1#3]
Married to Lucia Robling (22 September 1901 Kemmertsweiler, also from Germany). [1#2]
He was a technician/plant manager at Smeets Meelfabrieken …

wall: right, row 07-01
Frits /Fritz
∗ 1918-07-09
Rheydt (D)
† 1942-08-15
Oświęcim /Auschwitz
- Jews in resistance - Unorganized resistance - Maastricht -

After their marriage, his parents moved to Kohlscheid near Aachen, where they opened a fabric store. The children Alfred [1] and Carl were born there. In 1909 or 1910 the family moved to Rheydt, where Frederik (Frits) was born in 1918. In 1919 they sold the store and took a long vacation to …

wall: left, row 31-03
Lopes de Leaô Laguna,
∗ 1901-10-21
† 1942-05-11
- OD trial of Maastricht - Jews in resistance - Ordedienst (O.D.) -

Jacob Lopes de Leaô Laguna was a factory manager and a reserve captain. He was one of the many demobilized Dutch soldiers who, after the surrender on May 10, 1940, would not and could not comply with the German requirement to stand aside, including the part of the OD that wanted more than just …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.-
Piet van Kempen, oom Willem
∗ 1893-06-12
† 1945-03-12
- Jews in resistance - Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Venlo -

Max Meiler was a trained electrical technician, but a merchant by profession. He was a contact man in Venlo for the district leader Ambrosius [1].
At the end of February 1941, he was living on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam when one evening …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.03-08
Gerard L.R.
∗ 1922-06-23
† 1945-01-21
- Initial resistance - Jews in resistance - Valkenburg - Ondergrondse pers - Maastricht - Communists & Sympathizers -

Student HBS (high school). Listed in the Honor Roll of Victims 1940 – 1945 [1], in the category resistance people. Moreover he had a Jewish father, Jacob Soesman. Mother: Christina Johanna Maria Prick
See also the site of Joods Monument [2]: “Gerhard Lodewijk …

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wall: left, row 35-04