The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg
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Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg



Liberated: 1944-11-16

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Heel-Panheel – 3 pers.   ⇒All the fallen resistance people in Limburg
∗ 1919-09-02
Den Haag
† 1944-11-07
Heel-Panheel - press - Student - person in hiding - Sylvester Willem Jerome Maria Martin Berden was a law student and during the German invasion he was a drafted sergeant at the Grebbeberg. See funeral card [1] and [6]
In 1943 he and his younger brother Joost went into hiding in a monastery in Heel. They …

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Willem Hubert
∗ 1889-02-23
Horn (L)
† 1945-03-25
Heel-Panheel - L.O. - press - Farmer and earthworker Willem Hubert Heber, member of LO-Heel put his radio at the disposal of brothers Sylvester and Joost Berden, who needed it to collect news for the underground bulletin Daalzichtse Berichten Dienst. His sons …

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Mathijs Jan Antoon
∗ 1920-08-09
Heel en Panheel
† 1945-05-31
Heel-Panheel - L.O. - Mathijs Rutten was a farmer. He helped Jews and those in hiding who did not want to go to Germany to work in the war industry, and participated in other underground activities. [1]
In 1943, as in central and northern Limburg the number of people willing to …

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