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Limburg 1940-1945,
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1940-1945. The resistance in the dutch province of Limburg



L. Kohnen, an employee of the distribution office in Vaals, delivered ration stamps and cards [1], and similar documents to the Gulpen district of the LO, which included Vaals. He delivered between six and eight hundred voucher cards per period. The father of Sjeng Coenen, a friend of Jupp Francotte from Vaals printed counterfeit stamps in his printing shop. Kohnen stuck them on the cards and cancelled them in black ink according to regulations. The number of stamps to be issued was thus artificially increased. The fraud was never discovered. [2]
Vaals lay between the fronts for 37 days and was liberated only on October 20, 1944. [3]
Photos of the occupation and liberation of Vaals on [4]

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  4. Vaals

Liberated: 1944-10-20

All the fallen resistance people in Limburg

Vaals – 4 pers.

Wilhelm Joseph
∗ 1920-12-29
† 1944-09-05
- Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Knokploegen (K.P.) - People in hiding - Forced Labor - Vaals - Ondergrondse pers - -

Joep Francotte was a roofer/plumber from Vaals. His family website: He refused to work in Germany and was sentenced to months of forced labor in a camp for …
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wall: right, row 25-05
∗ 1922-06-21
† 1945-04-26
Bad Dürrheim Kr. Villingen
- Vaals - Forced Labor - Dutch Soldiers -

Hendrik Eduard Joseph Marie Heuschen was a trade correspondent. From his short biographynbsp;[1]: Among other things, he helped among others Jewish people in hiding. Arrested on …
wall: right, row 26-01
∗ 1924-04-23
† 1945-03-20
- Ordedienst (O.D.) - Vaals - Dutch Soldiers - BS (Domestic Forces) -

Photo: detail of the monument dedicated to Jeu Saive on the Belgian border in the Vijlenerbos or Schimperbos. (

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.04-25
∗ 1914-12-21
† 1945-05-03
Lübecker Bucht
- Vaals - Initial resistance - Unorganized resistance - Communists & Sympathizers -

Hendrik Servatius Jozef Senster was a miner. Arrested on fair Monday, June 23, 1941, a month and a half after the Germans invaded the Netherlands. He had organized a demonstration with a group …

wall: right, row 25-06