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Limburg 1940-1945,
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1940-1945. The resistance in the dutch province of Limburg



The resistance group NV was called Naamloze Vennootschap = Anonymous Society. This is the Dutch term for stock corporation. The name was chosen, of course, for a good reason. They were a very successful and originally Amsterdam-based resistance group during World War II that focused primarily on rescuing Jewish children and hiding them in the dutch province of Limburg. The Reformed founder Jaap Musch retrieved the children primarily in collaboration with Walter Süskind, the Jewish director of the Hollandsche Schouwburg and the crèche across the street, which served as deportation centers for Jews in Amsterdam.
He of course sought contact to get hiding addresses and became acquainted with the Reformed pastor Pontier in Heerlen. None of the 231 children were discovered or deported, though a great deal of improvisation was sometimes required. On parkstadactueel.nl we read: On "November 7, 1943, the NV group received a notice that a large raid was about to take place in Brunssum and the surrounding area. That same evening, all the children were picked up from their foster parents and temporarily housed in the former swimming pool of Brunssum. They were hidden in the changing cubicles. A friendly farmer provided straw so that the children would not get too cold. After two nights it was safe enough to take them back to their (new) foster parents." More about this and about NV in general in Fred Cammaert, Het verborgen front, Hoofdstuk V, Hulpverlening aan joden (The Hidden Front, Chapter V, Assistance to Jews, from p. 411, § IV.2 .2. de N.V..
See also NV_(verzetsGruppe), Wikipedia NL

All the fallen resistance people in Limburg

NV – 3 pers.

Jong, de
∗ 1911-10-20
† 1945-02-12
- Ondergrondse pers - Local contacts - People in hiding - - NV - The clergy - Local contacts - Venlo -

In 1940, Hendrik Roelof de Jong was appointed pastor of the Reformed Church in Venlo. He was co-editor of the illegal newspaper Trouw and a collaborator of the Nationaal Steun Fonds (National …
wall: right, row 28-05
∗ 1913-03-08
† 1944-09-07
- People in hiding - NV - Heerlen - Brunssum -

Jaap and Gerard Musch did their resistance work on the basis of their Christian beliefs. Jaap moved from Amsterdam to Heerlen on September 9, 1942 in connection with his resistance …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.04-22
∗ 1921-05-11
† 1945-03-22
- NV - Brunssum -

Born in Treebeek, worked as a radio mechanic at the State Mines (Staatsmijnen). In his spare time he looked for diving addresses for Jewish children and made home visits to foster parents in …

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