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09/17/2019 all of Valkenburg has been free for 75 years. Read the ever richer illustrated story of Pierre Schunck and the resistance in Valkenburg to the Nazis.

06/26/2019 died Danielle Dohmen. Our condolences to all who were close to her.

06/15/2019 As you can see, Português has now been added to the languages of this site too. Why? Because many people live in southern Brazil with the surname Schunck. Some of them have contacted us. Via this website and via social media. Although we do not know if there is any family relationship, we still want to give them the opportunity to get to know our family.
Because my Portuguese is not very good, I use a translation tool. Maybe the result is sometimes a bit silly.
If you want to correct something, please contact me:

The eight pictures that were last published on this site:

† Mia Ruiters-Schunck

† Mia Ruiters-Schunck

1902 – 1977, Kur-Kapel Falcobergia, Valkenburg

† Daniëlle Dohmen

Klant’s – De Leeuw – Schunck

House „an der Gasse“ today

House called “On the Alleyway”, Kettenis

Ruin of the Hotel Croix de Bourgogne

The five oldest family members who were published on this site:

Heyn Prick(a)erts
∗ 1513
Tyss Cloot
∗ 1520
Gerard Prickaerts/Prickerts, in die Vindt
∗ 1542
Hinricus Cloedt
∗ 1570
Lennart Cloot
∗ 1570

The ten family members who were last published on this site:

Manuel Eck
Felix Eck
Johannes Eck
Stefan Eck
Hubert Eck
Heijo Eck
Regine Handels
Paul Eck
Marianne Eck
Lene Eck