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Valkenburg 2024, 80 jaar bevrijd

Original size 2550 × 3509 px

Between September 14 and 17, 1944, the then municipality of Valkenburg-Houthem was liberated from National Socialism. We remember this with this book, for which you can subscribe now.

Valkenburg, Spring 2024
Valkenburg 2024, 80 years liberated! The stories not yet told!

80 stories and pictures about the occupation, the liberation and the aftermath of World War II. In ten chapters the stories of Valkenburgers who experienced the Second World War as children or heard them from their parents, friends and acquaintances. Among them are poignant stories, stories of fear, threat and death.
Experiences that were stored in the brain and have now surfaced, because they were often deep. Perhaps it is good that they are told now, preserved and can be passed on to future generations. To show that wars are inhumane and should no longer take place anywhere.

That is why this book!
We would like to keep the book affordable so that everyone can buy it.
The retail price is € 15 per book and € 12.50 at pre-subscription.

The book 21/21 cm, Full Color and 230 pages thick, includes 80 untold stories, unique photographs and paintings. Also included in the book is the complete Valkenburg and WW2 Historical Photo Series. The edition of the book is 2000 copies.

You can order the book in advance by transferring € 12.50 to bank account number: NL 65 RBRB 089 66 122 52 of the Platform Wereldburgerschap Valkenburg aan de Geul. Please mention your name. The book will be presented on Friday, September 13, at 4 p.m. in the Sint Nicolaas Church Valkenburg and will be available after that date at Natuurschop Madelief. Valkenburg adopters of a grave at the American War Cemetery in Margraten can pick up the book reserved for them upon presentation of your invitation for the amount of €5.

Editors Valkenburg 2024 80 years liberated:
Marij van Aken, Els Diederen, Jo van Aken, David Loozen, Guy Caelen, Jan Schurgers, Arnold Schunck, Jos Smeets and René Willems.
Correspondence address:
Werkgroep 80 jaar Bevrijding Platform Wereldburgerschap
Jo van Aken 043 601 5714 en of Jos Smeets 0620533459

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