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The Protest of General Winkelman against Seys-Inquart

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One of the first public protests against the occupiers came from the commander of the Dutch forces on June 27, 1940, just over a month after the beginning of the occupation and two days before the many spontaneous protests on the birthday of Prince Bernhard (“Carnation day”, June 29th, 1940).
Winkelman’s declaration was about the claim that the bombing of Rotterdam was due to the Dutch government.
His statement in itself was not very radical, but he brought something into motion: the illegal and large-scale distribution of unauthorized communications. This low quality “original copy” was in the archives of Pierre Schunck and it is a historical document. Many have been inspired by these types of publications to do something.
Here you can find the full text and a comment by Lou de Jong (in Dutch): Winkelman.htm.
More on Winkelman’s declaration and Carnation day in: The Dutch Under German Occupation, 1940-1945 by Werner Warmbrunn.

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