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Former lime stone mine “Achter de Kalkbranderij” 2019

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In the middle the remains of an old lime kiln, to the left and right of it entrances to the mine. In the area in front of it are still the foundations of the lime works after which this cavern has been named: “Behind the Lime Works”.

There were two caves, completely independent of each other. Coming from Valkenburg, the first cave was behind the lime kiln. It was built in the 20th century, very regularly like a chessboard, in the way of a modern “block breaker quarry”. The only entrance was accessible and visible to everyone. The second cave was below the fruit meadow of my father’s and was not used for the limestone extraction anymore. Its entrance was (and is) almost completely concealed by bushes, only accessible by a steep slope. In front of the entrance was the cottage of Sjir Jansen (DB), a very simple man but a great guy, through and through reliable. In the past this cave was used by the Montfortan fathers from Meerssen. On days off their pupils came to paint wall pictures and they also made a fun to imitate a chapel in the way like they are still found from the French time in the caves of Valkenburg and Geulhem.

Pierre Schunck

Album : Schunck-Cremers

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