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Chermin, Jan Joseph × Nijsters, Theresia

Chermin, Helene (Maria Helena)

    31-03-1853 in Kerkrade  13-08-1903 in Kerkrade
× Eck Gerhard
 in Kerkrade Joseph Chermin × Theresia Nijsters, 20 jan. 1838

Groom:            Jan Joseph Chermin
  Bride:            Theresia Nijsters
  Groom’s fahter:   Willem Joseph Chermin
  Groom’s mother:   Maria Sophia Crombach
  Bride’s fahter:   Mathijs Joseph Nijsters
  Bride’s mother:   Maria Josepha Consten
  Witnesses:        Nicolas Joseph Bellen, Daniel Spiertz,
                    Pieter Joseph Mucher, Jacob Herrij
  Access number:    101 Gemeente Kerkrade
  Inventory number: 5579
  Organisation:     Gemeentearchief Kerkrade

A sister of Maria Helene Chermin and a brother of Gerhard Eck married one year later too:
Heinrich Joseph Eck × Maria Josepha Chermin ⚭ 07-02-1874 in Kerkrade. They settled on the German side of the frontier, while Gerhard and Maria Helene lived in Kerkrade. This is a typical EuRode story. A locality called Heyden does not exist anymore. But the ruins of the water castle Haus Heyden and the nearby hamlet of Pannesheide in Germany. On the Dutch side, there is the quarter called Bleyerheide, which belongs to Kerkrade. We can therefore assume that the Eck brothers came from today’s Pannesheide.

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