Peter Windhausen
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Peter Windhausen is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
right wall, row 22 #04

Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance people in Limburg


Peter Windhausen

 29-06-1892 Roermond      28-03-1945 Buchenwald (52)
- People in hiding - The clergy - Tegelen -

    Petrus Paulus Windhausen (Catholic parish priest in Steyl-Tegelen [1]), vicar P.N.A. Peters and three other people from Steyl and Tegelen had hidden in the tower room of the church in Steyl and later moved to the basement. There they listened to broadcasts from the B.B.C., which they typed up to inform others of developments on the fronts. The arrival of a German guard post who nested in the tower room threw everything out of whack, and their activities came to light. The five eventually ended up in Düsseldorf. Before their transport to Buchenwald, Kluitmans and two Roermond clergymen, vicar A.J.A. Sars and the Protestant pastor H.Ch.J. Hoogendijk were added to this group. All but two have died: Windhausen died in Buchenwald on March 28, Peters on April 6, and Hoogendijk on April 10. Kluitmans died in Dachau in April, Sars died in Passau on April 23, and H.J.A. Hovens of Tegelen succumbed to the rigors of Buchenwald on April 10, 1947. [2]


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