Johan Beyleveld
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Johan Beyleveld is not (yet?) listed on a wall of the chapel.

War Memorial in Aachen-Eilendorf

Limburg 1940-1945,
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Johan Beyleveld

 21-03-1916 Maastricht      14-01-1945 Neuengamme (28)
- People in hiding - Maastricht -

    Johan Beyleveld was a porcelain decorator in the ceramics industry of Maastricht. Probably to evade the forced Arbeitsdienst in Germany, he had gone into hiding. Is that resistance? In fact it is, [6] finds. Also on the walls in the resistance monument of the province of Limburg (NL) are some people for this reason, but Johan is not among them.
    He was caught and taken to Amersfoort on August 28, 1944. There, in his file, the reason for his arrest is "Arbeitsverweigerung" (work refusal) [2]. On 6 September 1944, so on Dolle Dinsdag [7] (Mad Tuesday), a few days before the liberation of Maastricht, he was transported to Germany. [1]
    He died in Neuengamme as a result of ill-treatment, but the Sterbeurkunde (death certificate) states "Lungenentzündung" (pneumonia) [3].
    There is a stamp of the Bureau Bijzondere Rechtspleging (Bureau of Special Justice) in his file in the national archives [1] with the text: "From the archives housed at the Ministry of Justice it does not appear that during the occupation period the person concerned was guilty of political acting or behavior, which led to the imposition of any punishment or measure by organs of the Special Justice, with a date stamp: April 22, 1958. After the liberation of the Netherlands, the purpose of this Bureau Bijzondere Rechtspleging was to try all those who had been guilty during the Second World War of, in particular, collaboration, high treason and war crimes.


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