Pierre Schunck (Paul Simons)
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Pierre Schunck

Limburg 1940-1945,
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pers.Valkenburg 1940-1945


Pierre Schunck (Paul Simons)

 24-03-1906 Heerlen      02-02-1993 Kerkrade (86)
- Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Heerlen - Valkenburg - Aid to Jews - BS (Domestic Forces) - Intelligence - Survivors -

Pierre Schunck 1935

    Founder and leader of the “rayon” (subdistrict) of the L.O. in Valkenburg, under the alias of “Paul”. He was also a member of the ID18 intelligence group, which belonged to the Heerlen district of the LO. After the war he gave interviews and wrote down memories about that time. These documents were the beginning of this history about the resistance in and around Valkenburg.
    Moreover, during the occupation, he gave shelter and work to the Jewish onderduiker Lex Israels in the company he was director of. In the Netherlands, the word onderduiker (~ diver) was used for people who had to go into hiding.



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