Willem Hendrik Marie Jansen <i>(Wim)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Willem Hendrik Marie Jansen (Wim)

 1922-05-13 Vierlingsbeek      1945-02-25 Buchenwald (22)
- Student - L.O. - person in hiding - The outskirts of Limburg -


      Vierlingsbeek At the age of 21, district leader of the LO in Vierlingsbeek after his predecessor Gerard Smals had to go into hiding in Nijmegen in January 1944. Thanks to his organizational skills, he managed to provide the more than 1,000 people in hiding with the necessary coupons and permits every month. In April 1944, Wim also had to go into hiding, in Cuijk-Vianen. The Vierlingsbeek district included the sub-districts of Bergen, Gennep, Mook, Vierlingsbeek, Boxmeer and Cuijk.
      The districts of Vierlingsbeek, Nijmegen, and Maas and Waal were outside the province of Limburg, but were still part of the LO province of Limburg.
      He fell into German hands at the raid of Weert on June 21, 1944.
      Source: Dorpsraad Vierlingsbeek – “Pap, wat zijn dat voor doden”. Booklet from june 2000.

    • https://www.oorlogsgravenstichting.nl/persoon/70634/willem-hendrik-marie-jansen
    This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.03 #03