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Jetty v. Zutphen-Cremers

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“Many more years of good health with Pierre”
I already wished you. The party is over now.
Now I would like to pay some attention to the relationship that existed, and still is existing, between us both.
When I was born in Valkenburg, Muntstraat 7 on June 4, 1923, you were more than 10 years old. It was high season. You had probably the job taking care of me. And later you continued to do so.
When I was a little girl, I found it great to have such a big sister who could play the accordion, piano and violin so well. It was even more a feast, when Piet Bos came with his saxophone. I think I still know exactly where the piano was standing. In the porch. Seen from outside, in the left corner. Is that right?
You, as my older sister, did not only care for me. You had to help in the hotel early. You made a contribution that in ’29-’30 a new hotel could be built. Wielders from Sittard was the architect. He applied principles of the Stijl movement. Do you remember the chairs and tables in the hall? The color contrasts and color areas in the conversation room? Now the hotel is completely derotated. It looks horrible.
The thirties. When times are bad, this affects soon also on the hotel industry sector. You, and Wielke at the office, you helped to keep things going. (Jopie could study, and I was too little.)
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Sept 10th, 1992, at the 80th birthday of Gerda Schunck-Cremers
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