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Memorial stone Jewish victims from Valkenburg

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42 Joodse Valkenburgers opgepakt en vermoord
42 Jews from Valkenburg arrested and murdered

On September 11, 1955, in memory of the deported and killed Jewish inhabitants of Valkenburg, a memorial stone was placed on the Jewish cemetery on the Cauberg. Jan Diederen writes in his book „42 Jews from Valkenburg arrested and murdered“: Not all entries are correct. For example, Erna Benedik was not deported from Valkenburg, but together with her husband Theo Sachman from Amsterdam. The widow Henriette Herzog-Berlin survived the war and died a natural death. The name Jacq. Hannef is not only misspelled — it should be Jacob Hanft — he also did not live in Valkenburg but in Dolberg near Klimmen. What also is confusing, is the fact that all married women are listed with the surname of their husband and not with their girl’s names. On the memorial stone the victims deported from Valkenburg Eva Cok de Wilde and Alice Gebhart-Rosenwald are not listed.
In the book mentioned above (ISBN 978-90-805499-3-7) are the correct and more extensive data to be found in the tables ‘Valkenburg’ and ‘Benedik’. It is available for € 10,- from the author, jahdiederen@hotmail.com or Henk Vossen, Prinses Christinalaan 33, Valkenburg, tel. 043-4511312.

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