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Jan Catharina Tobben is not (yet?) listed on a wall of the chapel.

War Memorial in Aachen-Eilendorf

Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance people in Limburg


Jan Catharina Tobben

 14-03-1928 Roermond      26-12-1944 Elmpt (D) (16)
- People in hiding - Roermond -

www.wo2slachtoffers.nl …

    Jan Catharina Tobben was a merchant. He belonged to the 14 Roermonders murdered during Christmas 1944, who were shot just across the German border, in order to expel their male townmates between the ages of 16 and 60.
    On the night from Christmas Day to Boxing Day, Tobben was in hiding under the floor of a classroom in the girls’ school at Schoolpad in Roermond. At that time there were 10 other people. One of them managed to escape when they were found by German paratroopers. They had been alerted to the hiding place by a local resident, Dieudonné Verstappen, after he had been arrested shortly before for theft. On December 26, 1944, despite their young age, 16-year-old Tobben and his peer Mathieu Sevenich were sentenced to death along with 11 others by a summary court headed by Major Ulrich Matthaeas.

    Detailed information on this website: The Tears of Roermond.
    He is buried in the Catholic part of the cemetery Tussen de Bergen, grave 18.[1][2]
    His name is written on the , graf 18 Roermond. [1][2]
    Oorlogsmonument (War Memorial) Roermond. [3]


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