Harry Heuschen
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Harry Heuschen is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
right wall, row 26 #01

Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance people in Limburg


Harry Heuschen

 21-06-1922 Vaals      26-04-1945 Bad Dürrheim Kr. Villingen (22)
- Forced Labor - Dutch Soldiers - Aid to Jews - Vaals -


    Hendrik Eduard Joseph Marie Heuschen was a trade correspondent. From his short biographynbsp;[1]: Among other things, he helped among others Jewish people in hiding. Arrested on December 16, 1942, ended up as a slave in Germany. There he helped prisoners of war to escape. Freed by the Americans. Participated in the conquest of Bad Dürrheim. Shot by SS as a suspected spy.
    In the archives of the Oorlogsgravenstichting (War Graves Foundation, in the National Archives) we read a slightly different version. The municipality of Vaals writes on March 25, 1954:The person concerned saw liberation by French troops in Bad Dürrheim (Baden, Germany) in April 1945. The Germans returned and retook this town. He joined the French Liberation Army during the Germans’ attempt to retake the town. He was not captured, but hid during their return. However, he was betrayed and shot by the SS on April 26, 1945, after he was forced to leave the hiding place. [2#3]
    Buried in the family grave in Vaals. [2#4]


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