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Limburg 1940-1945,
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1940-1945. The resistance in the dutch province of Limburg




The first serious attempt at sabotage by the Smits group concerned the railroad viaduct between Heerlen and Klimmen. The father of A. Rameckers’ girlfriend worked as a clerk at Voerendaal station and knew the timetables according to which the trains carrying military supplies ran. Two of Smit’s men, Treuen and Spreksel, drew a plan of the viaduct. Due to betrayal, they did not get to implement the plan. The group was rounded up on February 2, 1942. [1]
The local aid organization for people in hiding, the L.O. in Klimmen, belonged to the district of Heerlen.
In addition to Klimmen itself, the villages of Hulsberg, Voerendaal, Ransdaal and Ubachsberg also belonged to the Klimmen rayon (sub-district). The cooperation with the Valkenburg subdistrict concerned, for example, ration stamps and ration cards as well as other things that the people in hiding needed, the so called divers’s hostel …
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Not one fallen resistance fighter from Klimmen is listed on the walls of the memorial to the resistance in the province of Limburg.

  1. Dr. F. Cammaert, Het Verborgen Front – Geschiedenis van de georganiseerde illegaliteit in de provincie Limburg tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Doctorale scriptie 1994, Groningen
    2. De eerste militair-civiele verzetsformaties, p.110

The fallen resistance people in Limburg

Klimmen – 3 pers.

∗ 1924-01-11
† 2013-09-08
- Klimmen - Survivors - Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Women in the resistance - Couriers of the Resistance -

Trees Jaspers was the daughter of the notary Jaspers from Klimmen and a sister of Jo Jaspers [1], who was killed in action on May 10, 1940. Trees took over courier services for
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Kooten, van
∗ 1914-12-12
Laren N.H.
† 1979-06-20
- Klimmen - Survivors - Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Knokploegen (K.P.) - BS (Domestic Forces) - Dutch Soldiers -

Bep (B.J.C.) van Kooten, temporarily leader of the LO Klimmen and, for the sub-district of Valkenburg, contact person to the KP (“Knokploegen”, armed groups), sabotage specialist of the …

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∗ 0000-00-00
† 1944-09-17
Koulen, Voerendaal
- Old Hickory - Klimmen -

Pvt Peter Spoganetz (119th Inf Rgt) was one of the …
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