Alphons J.A. van der Mullen
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Alphons J.A. van der Mullen

 1886-11-01 Liège      1945-05-31 Bergen-Belsen (58)
- Helden - L.O. - police -

Het Grote Gebod – L.O.

      Alphons van der Mullen was one of the three police officers active in Helden in the resistance (the other two were J.J. Grijsbach and G.W.H. van Amerongen. He was their local chief or Opperwachtmeester). They and the other pilot helpers were all members of the local L.O. and K.P. section. (Cammaert IV, p.310), which was headed by an official of the local distribution office, W.L. Houwen. In July 1943, a large German unit raided a forest camp for hidden persons. Van der Mullen having warned Houwen, the camp was evacuated just in time. But for the farmer Cornelis Krans, who had helped set up the camp, the raid turned out to be fatal.
      Finally, on May 17, 1944, also van der Mullen fell victim to the great raid in Helden and Sevenum. More than 50 people were arrested. Seven of them did not survive the war or died soon after, including Alphons van der Mullen.
      For more information, see the text above the list of fallen resistance fighters from Helden ( Cammaert VIb, p. 602v) Transferred from the Vught camp to Sachsenhausen on 4 September 1944. ( Het Vrije Volk 20-07-1945, under « Request for information »).

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