The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg
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Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg



In the woods near Helden an experiment was conducted to set up a real guerrilla training camp with people in hiding. It was a failure, see A military training camp for people in hiding (The Diver’s Camp near Helden) and Cammaert, Chapter VIII De Ordedienst, pp. 883: De duikkampen bij Helden en Sevenum (The Diver’s Camps near Helden and Sevenum).

The big raid

“Early on Wednesday morning, May 17, 1944, more than one hundred German soldiers, members of the Ordnungspolizei from Roermond, the almost complete SiPo-Maastricht and the five infiltrators made their way to Helden and arrested fifty-two persons. Thirty-five disappeared into camps in the Netherlands and Germany. Seven of them did not survive the war or died shortly after: A.M. Schilte (Sachsenhausen, 15. November 1944), Th.J. Kranen (Venray, November 29, 1946), G.H. van Diepen (Lübeck, June 21, 1945), Willem Lenis (Schwarmstedt, 15. September 1944), the mayor of Helden Frans van Cann (Bergen-Belsen, March 31, 1945), the chief of the Helden police Alphons van der Mullen (Bergen-Belsen, May 31, 1945) and L. van Lee (Neustadt, May 3, 1945).”

Sources & literature:

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    VI, De L.O. (b), §VIII.2.7. Helden, Meijel & Kessel
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  • Heemkundevereniging Helden: Oorlog 1940-1945
  • Digitaal monument Everlo, 122 namen van oorlogsslachtoffers van Helden.

Liberated: 1944-11-18

See also Between Maas and Peel

Helden – 12 pers.   ⇒All the fallen resistance people in Limburg
∗ 1924-11-10
† 1944-09-25
Neerkant Liessel
Helden - dutch soldier - Ordedienst - person in hiding - Louis Bos lived in Helden [1]. Son of the farmers Wilhelmus Bos and Anna Elisabeth Wolters. Unmarried. Farmer. Roman Catholic. [2]
The person in question was in hiding in Deurne and belonged to the OD there. Was shot by the Germans during the recapture …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.
Cann, van
Frans Peter Mathis
∗ 1886-12-22
Melick en Herkenbosc
† 1945-03-31
Helden - unorganized resistance - mayor - Piet van Cann was the mayor of Helden.
As mayor, he turned a blind eye when municipal employees engaged in illegal practices. He ignored the Germans and sabotaged wherever possible. [1]
He was arrested for political …

wall: left, row 20-03
Peter Johannes Jacobus
∗ 1920-07-09
† 1944-08-10
Helden - K.P. - Peter Hoebers was a blacksmith.
Early on Thursday morning, August 10, Nitsch, assisted by four members of the Ordnungspolizei, threw Peter Hoebers and  …

wall: left, row 20-04
Peter Johannes
∗ 1908-10-25
† 1945-06-18
Helden - L.O. - local contact - Peter Jacobs was chairman of the Young Farmers’ Association in Helden-Beringe. During the war years, as a local contact man (duikhoofd) of the LO, he was responsible for the accommodation of about a hundred people in hiding in Beringe and the surrounding area. On August 15, he was arrested by …

wall: left, row 21-01
∗ 1904-10-03
† 1944-08-10
Helden - CCD - Controller of the CCD. On Wikipedia NL it can be read about him: "As a controller he succeeded in misleading the occupiers by soaping the mouths and claws of …

wall: left, row 21-02
∗ 1887-03-30
† 1944-03-02
Helden - early resistance - L.O. - carillon - Cornelis Krans lived on a farm in Helden and early in the war he sheltered already a Jewish family in an underground hiding place just a stone’s throw from his house. When, after the strikes of April and May 1943, which included the  …

wall: left, row 20-05
Lee, van
Lambert /Bert
∗ 1906-07-20
Geffen (N-B)
† 1945-05-03
Lübecker Bucht
Helden - L.O. - Foreman at the Koninklijke Nederlandse Heidemaatschappij (Royal Dutch Heath Society) in North Limburg, moves to Panningen. From 1943 he helped people in hiding in and around Helden to forge personal identification cards. Arrested during the  …
wall: middel, row 09-02
∗ 1923-12-14
† 1944-09-15
Schwarmstedt /Swarmstedt
Helden - person in hiding - Willem Lenis was a tailor and one of the victims of the big raid of Wednesday 17 May 1944 in Helden, his last residence. Deceased Schwarmstedt 32 km southwest of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, perhaps in the reserve …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.04-21
Mullen, van der
Alphons J.A.
∗ 1886-11-01
† 1945-05-31
Helden - L.O. - police - Alphons van der Mullen was one of the three police officers active in Helden in the resistance (the other two were J.J. Grijsbach and G.W.H. van Amerongen. He was their local chief or Opperwachtmeester). They and the other pilot helpers were all members of the local L.O. and K.P. section. …

wall: left, row 21-03
Albertus Jacobus
∗ 1924-06-25
† 1945-05-01
Helden - L.O. - Albert was a farmer’s son and helped support the people in hiding in the camp in the Bovensbos near Cornelis Krans. Arrested together with Krans, when that camp was evacuated. In Maastricht and Amersfoort harshly questioned about the …

wall: left, row 21-04
Antonius Maria
∗ 1907-08-27
† 1944-11-15
Helden - L.O. - Toon Schilte was a victim of the big raid on May 17, 1944 in Helden and Sevenum. More than 50 people were arrested. Among them were fourteen members of the resistance. Seven of these did not survive the war or died …

wall: left, row 22-01
∗ 1916-10-10
† 1944-10-24
Helden - person in hiding - Tinus Wilms had to hide (above the peat in the barn of his parents’ farm at Grashoek in Helden-Beringe) when the staff of the first battalion of the paratrooper regiment under Major Ulrich Matthaeas settled there. The major became "pushy" toward his sister Nellie, but she stabbed him in the …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.