Jan Mennen
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The names on the walls


Limburg 1940-1945,
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Jan Mennen

 13-10-1918 Roggel      27-09-1944 Roggel (25)
- Roggel - O.D. -

      Johannes Joseph Mennen was a baker. Picture of the memorial plaque at the monument in Roggel, which reads: “This monument was erected in memory of the resistance fighters Jan Muis and Jan Mennen. On September 26, 1944, they went by bicycle, together with a resistance comrade Frits Coenen, to relieve the guards in the forest. In the forest at that moment there was a German soldier who was a prisoner of war. On their way, they were coincidentally stopped by two German soldiers. Less than 100 meters in front of them, two more German soldiers were lying in the ditch along the road with their rifles at the ready. Suddenly, shots were heard. Frits Coenen managed to escape. Jan Muis and Jan Mennen were killed…”. Cammaert writes (Ch. 8, p. 898), "J.P.N. Muis, J.J. Mennen and G. Coenen set out for the cellar on Tuesday, September 26, to relieve the guard. German paratroopers searching the area at the same time noticed the three and took them under fire. Coenen escaped, but Muis was fatally shot. Mennen suffered a shot in the lungs and was taken to the hospital in Roermond, where he died the next day.”

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    wall: right, row 11 #04