Gerard Tielen (Gerard Herman Maria)
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Gerard Herman Maria Tielen is listed in the Resistance Memorial on the
right wall, row 15 #04

Limburg 1940-1945,
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The fallen resistance people in Limburg


Gerard Tielen
(Gerard Herman Maria)

 23-08-1922 Sevenum      06-05-1945 Dachau (22)
- Forced Labor - Sevenum -

    Gerard Tielen’s file at the OGS contains a form filled out by his father. In it, he states his son’s profession as: Agricultural machinery manufacturer. When asked the reason for his stay in Germany, he answers:
    His resistance to working for the enemy.
    … Arrested by Berendsen and his gang. He had gone into hiding and was arrested at home on September 1, 1944, taken to Vught and from there to Oranienburg on September 6, 1944.

    By Berendsen and his gang, Father Tielen means the AKD (Arbeitskontrolldienst = Labor Control Service) from Venlo, which hunted down people in hiding. They had their headquarters in the Erika concentration camp near Ommen and were therefore also known as the Ommen police. The number of people arrested by Berendsen and his men was in the hundreds. [2]

    In his timeline on, his imprisonment history is summarized as follows:
    On September 1, 1944, Gerard Herman Maria Tielen was arrested in Sevenum.
    From September 1, 1944, Gerard H.M. Tielen was imprisoned in Vught.
    From September 6, 1944, Gerard H.M. Tielen was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen.

    The article «Das doppelte Ende des „K.L. Natzweiler“ auf beiden Seiten des Rheins» states that Gerard Tielen was in Vaihingen or Natzweiler without specifying the date of arrival. Because on February 9, 1945, he was taken from Vaihingen (or Natzweiler?) to Dachau: 140.811[ITS]: 1 H. am 9.2.45 von Natz. His camp number was there 140.811. [4]
    Natzweiler was a concentration camp in Alsace, which region was annexed by Germany during the war. It had around 30 satellite camps to the left and right of the Rhine, including Vaihingen.

    His name is inscribed on the memorial in Sevenum at the Julianaplantsoen. [5]


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