David Leo Cahn
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David Leo Cahn is not (yet?) listed on a wall of the chapel.

War Memorial in Aachen-Eilendorf

Limburg 1940-1945,
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


David Leo Cahn

 07-12-1923 Maastricht      14-08-1942 Auschwitz (18)
- Jews in resistance - Initial resistance - Groep Dresen - Maastricht - Underground Press -

    Jewish butcher’s son, residing at Lenculenstraat 9 in Maastricht. He belonged to the civilian branch of the Dresen group, which was mainly engaged in the distribution of illegal leaflets and writings, specially the Oranje Koerier. For example, to finance the purchase of weapons, pictures of the royal family were sold. On May 21, 1941, David Leo was arrested by the SiPo Maastricht because signs "Verboden voor Joden" (Forbidden for Jews) had been destroyed in the city park. A stumbling stone was placed in the sidewalk in front of Lenculenstraat 9.


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