Jan Jozef Lambert van Hoof <i>(Redder van de Waalbrug)</i>
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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg


Jan Jozef Lambert van Hoof (Redder van de Waalbrug)

 1922-08-07 Nijmegen      1944-09-19 Nijmegen (22)
- Nijmegen - O.D. - L.O. - The outskirts of Limburg - dutch soldier -


      On September 19, 1944, Jan van Hoof guided an Allied reconnaissance vehicle through the city. On the Nieuwe Markt - today’s Joris Ivensplein - the vehicle was shot on fire. Jan van Hoof survived, but was caught by German soldiers and subsequently killed by gunshot to the head.
      Posthumously he was awarded the Militaire Willemsorde (MWO, Knight 4th Class)

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