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Limburg 1940-1945,
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1940-1945. The resistance in the dutch province of Limburg



Sint-Jozefkapel, Broekhuizen (Lb)

The former municipality of Broekhuizen (now a sub-municipality of Horst a/d Maas) included the village of Broekhuizenvorst and the hamlets of Ooijen and Stokt. The Saint Joseph Chapel in Stokt was built in 1939 by Mayor Berger of Venlo, the owner of the small castle of Broekhuizen. Six trees were planted around the chapel, one for each child. Fons, Berger’s eldest son, and one of the six trees fell as a result of the Nazi violence. A memorial plaque with his name was placed in the chapel. Later a memorial plaque with among others the name of Sef van Megen was placed.
In Broekhuizen and Broekhuizenvorst, Sef van Megen founded together with A. Reijnders and P.A.J. Peeters an L.O. group. By working together with other villages, this created the rayon (subdistrict) of Broekhuizen, Broekhuizenvorst, Wanssum, Swolgen, Meerlo, Blitterswijk en Tienray.
They then built up a close cooperation with the subdistrict of Grubbenvorst, so that all these villages can be considered, in fact, as a single sub-district. The group in Tienray kept rather aloof and perhaps for that very reason was very successful in hiding over a hundred Jewish children. (Cammaert VIb p. 632 p. 595)
See also Between Maas and Peel.

Liberated: 1944-11-30

The fallen resistance people in Limburg

Broekhuizen – 2 pers.

Megen, van
Joseph Hubertus
∗ 1916-12-09
† 1945-04-05
Dohnsen, D
- Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Underground Press - Aid to Jews - Netwerk Bongaerts - Broekhuizen -

Sef van Megen became a teacher in Grashoek near Helden in 1935 and then in Broekhuizen from 1937. He was beloved by the children. From 1941 he helped prisoners of war, Allied pilots and Jews to …

wall: left, row 05-01
Peter Antonius Joseph
∗ 1916-06-20
† 1947-06-24
- Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Netwerk Bongaerts - Aid to Jews - Intelligence - Broekhuizen -

Toon Peeters, popularly known as blacksmith Toontje, was a blacksmith and bicycle dealer. [1]
Cammaert writes about him:
In Broekhuizen and Broekhuizenvorst the …
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