The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg
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The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg



Chronologisch overzicht van de bevrijding van Nederlandse plaatsen in de Tweede Wereldoorlog

Liberated: 1944-09-13 – 1944-09-16

In the area of Gulpen and Simpelveld, the three Coenen brothers had set up an escape route for Allied soldiers who had escaped from captivity. They often were sent from the eastern coalfield by the group around Mingelers in Kerkrade or by Father Beatus van Beckhoven from Heerlen. The best known of the three was the printer and later subdistrict chief of the LO in Simpelveld, Sjeng Coenen. Originally, these refugees were mainly French and Walloons. They were brought to Belgium by the oldest brother, sexton P.J. Coenen from Banholt and Mheer, with the help of a group of passeurs in the border villages of Slenaken and Noorbeek.
These people trafficker were the border inspector E. Piek, the customs officer H. Evenboer, and Father J.H. Everts O.F.M. of the franciscan monastery of Hoogcruts near Slenaken, who was also in direct contact with his confrere Father Beatus. In Belgium, thanks to the Kusters family of Slenaken, they found a connection with three women from Jupille and Retinne near Liège. After Evenboer was replaced by A.F. Vermeulen, a police constable in Slenaken, the group also came into contact with Th. Brentjens, the gendarmerie commander in St. Maartensvoeren and thus with the Goffin section of Clarence. These were also in close contact with the Group Erkens. Fortunately, the people trafficker were not hit by the Hannibal game.

Gulpen – 1 pers.   ⇒All the fallen resistance people in Limburg
∗ 1914-07-01
† 1945-04-24
Gulpen - Voerendaal - L.O. - priest - Vicar Leon Marie Hubert Penders headed subdistrict 2 of the LO with the places Gulpen, Reymerstok and Wylré. (See map 45. Gulpen district: division into subdistricts. Cammaert VIb, p. 693) and determined the district’s financial policy from 12 January 1944. On July 21, 1944, Vicar Penders and J.H. Ortmans of Wahlwiller were arrested (Cammaert VI, p. 654) and shortly thereafter ten other leaders of the Gulpen district. This action would later become known as "Klap van Wittem" (Strike of Wittem).
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